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We also run Hyper Fast Public DNS Resolvers in our private networks.


An Alternative to Google & Cloud flare
No Logging. No Tracking, Un Traceable, Fully Private & anonymous. We will never store your personal history . Fully Bullet Proof Hosting
As we are at the very core of the internet in a undisclosed spoofed location our DNS servers are some of the fastest and secure on the planet.
Join the thousands of people already using our lighting fast public DNS resolvers. The more internet users creating DNS cache on our caching DNS resolver servers the faster the internet will become and browsing becomes much more snappy.

USA              | DNS United States                                  


AUSTRALIA | DNS Australia |


We suggest you use your secondary/alternative DNS and point it to your local internet gateway router in your home or office. Eg

All 5 DNS Servers are load balanced with each other. We store a massive DNS Cache with 7 layers of redundancy on 1000/1000mbp/s Links
Our Public DNS resolver servers boasts a 100% uptime. If the IP you are using in your primary DNS settings goes down or has an issue DNS will automatically be served by the next closest responding  server so you will never see down time. Many corporate companies networks are using us for there upstream DNS services due our tops speed DNS resolution times and ultra low latency.

Our Hosting Name Servers.
You must set the below settings on your domain name providers website in order to point your domain name to our globally centralized name servers.
If you require help doing this please contact the company where you registered your domain name and inform them you need the following name servers setup in your domain registrar's settings.

Want your own private label name severs? 

Every account is automatically provisioned with your own custom name servers if you wish to use them :)
No hosting provider that we know of offers this as standard services to there customers and most of them charge for this configuration option.
We offer this in our highly advanced DNS template for free!
We are also able to offer this due to the highly advanced DNS server services we provide within our hosting control panel. Take it for a test drive.

Want your own dedicated IP address for your hosting account?

We can provider these at just $19 Per Year Per IP. Otherwise you will be using our free shared IPs which is not a bad thing at all!
These will need to be paid manually. We will provide you with a private PayPal link to make this payment. Just contact us on our support page and we will send you the details.
Or you can call on us our 1800 Number Directly. 
Ph. 1800 979 673 | An Australian Free Call Number |

Bullet Proof Hosting
Our hosting has been designed and organized to be fully bulletproof so your data and its location will always remain private and secret.
The only people who can access your data and physically access the servers are our support team who have been screened and contracted to confidentiality with extremely high security clearance's 

Australian DNS Hosting and Domain Name Registration



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